Are IWB effective in the classroom – Session 1

During my observation I noticed my classroom teacher depended a great deal on her interactive whiteboard. However, having had a 2 hour seminar on such technology i realise she could be utilising it a great deal more!

We were asked to explore the ‘learning activity tool kit’ and i was amazed by the amount of activities we could build and use for a typical lesson. I built a number sorting game which comprised of 2 buckets labelled odd and even. With a combination of animations, and sounds for when a number was correct/incorrect, i found i turned a potentially difficult, boring maths exercise into a fun activity!

Being able to ‘insert link’ when the mouse hovers over a specific picture is a great tool for learning; the transition is seamless and i believe finding ways to save time when using multimedia is key. Going back to my observation, i was made very aware the time wasted between explaining something and then looking up or refreshing an internet site the teacher may have been using.

I think the IWB benefits the keys for learning and understanding within the classroom a great deal! They enhance presentation by integration of internet links, they allow learners to participate and i really believe they allow learners to absorb potentially difficult pieces of information alot easier.

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