IWB- Session 1

My intial thoughts on watching a video on how to use IWB was not the most positive. However, having been taken through various steps and activities on the program i have found it extremely useful and really looking forward to using one when i qualify as an NQT.

Some of the examples being used in the video were rather dry but i appreciate being given the basic information, and can now build on these foundations.

Hot spots are fab! Say for instance you are teaching the human body; hot spots give the child the opportunity to click on a specific body part to do further reading.

Having worked in a school where 75% of children were EAL i believe using the ‘working with images’ section on the Interactive whiteboards is a fabulous tool. Some children may not have the words to complete a task but given the opportunity they might succeed in using images. After watching the IWB video i can now make my own sorting game: ‘which animals live in the farm yard?’ I simply find an image of a farm, farm animals along with sea creatures and building the program from there (order the farm animal images to ‘send to back’ of the farm, so when a children moves the animal into the correct home it disappears). I could go one step further by finding an audio file to match each animal.

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