Session 4 – Portable Technology Preliminary Reading

Bowe’s children get the reading bug with iPad poses a great deal of advantages. With iPads proving to be extremely accessbile and portable they are a hugely innovative part of the primary curriculum. They can be taken out of doors, in small groups and installed software allows for them to be cross curricular.

Despite having a fast response and being technologically sound there is a danger of spending too long in setting up or logging on and you can loose the attention of your audience very quickly.

They pose to be advantageous towards children with learning difficuulties or English as an additional language as some find they communicate more effectively: specific multimedia software helps to articulate in pictures and film what they might deem as being difficult words for instance.

You would agree that they are a great tool for learning and understanding. However, where there is advantages there also lies disadvantages. They are an extremely expensive piece of equipment and with recent cuts in school budget such products might not be on the schools shopping list. They have an inability to work with Adobe flash and Javascript which dominate many interactive websites for learning. One problem which will never change is the difficulty in protecting them from daily accidents- used for outside, during field trips leaves them prone to accidents. My last negative thought towards the iPad is they are driving social isolation in children today. Often i have been in discussions with teachers about the amount of time children are now spending in front of the computer screen, well if we are promoting such forms of learning within the classroom environment then what should we expect?

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