Session 4 – Portable Tech


Exploring ‘pixlr’

This weeks task was to experiment with painting software and filters to create some digital art. I have never used this form of medium before so it was very much on a trial and error basis. I thought it a good idea to not only have myself in the picture but a focal point which i would then distort and play around with on ‘pixlr’. The 2 pictures below were altered using solarized and kaleidoscope applications, and i think its fair to say through some simple experiementing i have transformed a some what dull picture into something that can now be used as a talking point.

On reflection i could take this one step further and home in on certain sections of the picture; for instance the leaves on the tree could have more of a contrast in colour, or i could focus in on them with the rest of the picture a blur. Thus, drawing attention to the change in colours, reinforcing the idea that autumn is upon us.


Exploring ‘artproject’, ‘flickr’, ‘artsonia’

I am so happy to have discovered ‘artproject’. From a personal point of view the idea of free art to view, alongwith creating my own virtual library to share with friends is amazing. From a teaching point of view i believe this to be a great resource for myself and the children to use within the classroom. Whether it be to research Kandinsky when we focus on painting in art, or as part of a history lesson to research a famous artist in the Georgian period who influenced the British people at that time. On the other hand, programs like these should and will not replace museum visits. There is a great satisfaction of moving around a museum and experiencing it first hand which a computer will never replace.

flickrkandinskyHaving new technologies to experiment with and use within a classroom environment is a great opportunity for learning through ‘play’, however, i do believe a big drawback to this is having to teach children in the first place about these softwares. This is reitterated by Steve Jobs, 1980: ‘we immediately throw a big problem right in the middle of you and your problem which is learning how to use the computer.’

Sharing childrens work online through the use of artsonia is a great way of showing off childrens work on a day to day basis. It can provide the parent/carer with reassurance that their child is happy and learning in a productive environment, however, parental consent is needed first and foremost. Without this innovative sites like artsonia are useless and will not be a success in schools.

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