BSE1 – Computers – a tool for learning?

Whilst on placement i considered the amount of focus that made on computers within the EYFS surroundings. With 2 computers in the Nursery, ICT was always an option for the children. The programs listed below were just a few of what was on offer to the children on a daily basis:

Swashbuckle Adventures – through use of hand eye coordination the aim was to bounce Swashbuckle over the stepping stones watching out for various sea creatures along the way.

2Paint is a simple painting programme for all primary school children. they are able to experiment with brush styles, and pattern making templates.

Poisson Rouge is a website containing over 300 games – there is no text and no explanation, thus a great opportunity for children to find their own understanding of the website.

I initially thought the children would swarm around the computers, however, there was so much on offer for the children to ‘play’ with that overcrowding was never an issue. My second thought was that the games on offer would be mind numbing and have little in the way of learning. I believe i was very wrong in that respect… and here’s why!

  • If there were 2 children sat at 1 computer it was a good opportunity for them to learn to share/wait their turn.
  • The games on offer allowed children to use their imagination; whether it be drawing on a blank canvas, or working out how to play a game with no instructions (Poisson Rouge).
  • It gives children the chance to develop their hand eye coordination. Example, clicking the mouse at appropriate times for their character to dodge an object.
  • Who knew maths could be fun – masked by Animated computer games.

One last point to make – the class IWB was broken – THE WHOLE 7 WEEK PLACEMENT!!! To any teacher this is disappointing but to a keen PGCE student this was devastating. Asking on numerous occasions fell to deaf ears. Having said that it was a great learning experience to use imagination and home made resources as a substitute.

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