Podcasts – Session 2

It would never have crossed my mind to use Podcasts as a form of teaching in schools. I found the pre session reading on this subject a great insight into how such a programme can help with expressing voice, helping with english through letters and reports and developing speaking and listening which is turn aids writing ability.

I realise this type of teaching and learning would be more directed at KS2, however, making links to digital recordings for phonic work or recording a childs authentic voice may help to embed their understanding better.

One potential draw back to using such a programme would be the training involved to teach our teachers/parents about the software. Without substantial training or knowledge in this field then i believe a number of schools would not feel they had the confidence to carry out a sufficient lesson with podcasting.

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Cyber Bullying – Session 3

We were given opportunities in class to discuss dangerous subject matter surrounding the internet. We discussed the pro’s and cons of filtering software for children. They are extremely useful in denying access to adult materials, however, i do think children should have the opportunity to develop their own decision-making skills.

It is important that we give children the opportunites to speak up if problems do occur. As a result having Government legislations like ‘zip it, block it, flag it’ or easily accessbile sites to research like: http://blogs.channel4.com/geoff-white-on-technology/big-questions-camerons-plans-combat-internet-porn/225 or having the constant reinforcement from teachers/parents are at the forefront, if positive change is to be made.

Using the software ‘Prezi.com’ our group focused on Cyber Bullying and how to tackle the issues surrounding this. Please copy and paste the link below to view our presentation:



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Are IWB effective in the classroom – Session 1

During my observation I noticed my classroom teacher depended a great deal on her interactive whiteboard. However, having had a 2 hour seminar on such technology i realise she could be utilising it a great deal more!

We were asked to explore the ‘learning activity tool kit’ and i was amazed by the amount of activities we could build and use for a typical lesson. I built a number sorting game which comprised of 2 buckets labelled odd and even. With a combination of animations, and sounds for when a number was correct/incorrect, i found i turned a potentially difficult, boring maths exercise into a fun activity!

Being able to ‘insert link’ when the mouse hovers over a specific picture is a great tool for learning; the transition is seamless and i believe finding ways to save time when using multimedia is key. Going back to my observation, i was made very aware the time wasted between explaining something and then looking up or refreshing an internet site the teacher may have been using.

I think the IWB benefits the keys for learning and understanding within the classroom a great deal! They enhance presentation by integration of internet links, they allow learners to participate and i really believe they allow learners to absorb potentially difficult pieces of information alot easier.

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Be safe, Be aware, have fun! Session 3

Modern technology has exposed children to a great deal of risk, this is seen from Childwise (2008) who state ‘90% of children aged 5-16 years now have a computer at home’. Should such action be taken to protect the youth of today? Is it not our job to protect them from the following:

  • Explicit, innapropriate content
  • Untrustworthy information
  • unwelcome contact from strangers
  • Online behaviour
  • Increased time spent using the computer, rather than investing such time for alternative activities
  • uploading information and not necessarily thinking about the long term effects it could have

It is difficult for the British Government to protect and as a result Tanya Byron has put together 3 main jobs that could be done in making working online safer:

  1. Make sure we teach children, parents, teachers about the risks of going online.
  2. working with technology experts who know how children develop.
  3. Agree on safety codes with so online web spaces are being seen to protect their users.

Should action be taken to have all the main games consoles to have clear safety information set out for the parents? At present two classification systems are used, which have different symbols to indicate the rating. However, it has been researched that such information has proved to be confusing with the consumer.

It is key that we allow young people to explore the internet! It is a great tool for learning and understanding, exploring and having fun! Therefore there should continue to be a push for innovative ways in order to reduce the potential risks. Prompts appearing on the screen when a games console is being set up, narrowing the search content children can look for, or giving schools/parents the opportunity to report back on games they saw as a risk are only a few ways this risk can be minimised.


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Learning ICT when i was at school – Session 0

My experiences from ICT at school are rather negative.
crammed classroom
We would be paired up due to the lack of stone-age computers and made to work through handbooks which often ended up being good doodling material.


The heat of the room from all of these computers left me deflated, annoyed and sweaty – that hour every went too slowly!!


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